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Your Kind of Stella

What you drink signifies who you are. Holding a beer completes me somehow. It’s hard when I’m limiting my alcohol intake (only weekends are permitted). When I found this picture (below), all I could think was: shit, Stella in Jakarta is fucking expensive. Or nonexistent. Mind you, I haven’t kissed a guy in a while, but I don’t care about that. All I could focus was the bottle with the pretty red and gold line. It looks like a Christmas tree. Festivity. The only thing missing is something greener than the bottle.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Bintang, really, I’d drink it. That’s what I drink now. But, Stella, Stella is what I would name my character, or my future German Shepherd, or my black X5. Of course I have looked the other ways; my eyes are on you, Erdinger. Although I have missed Yuengling tremendously, Stella is still my numero uno.

Stella is so pretty and when you taste her, the sweetness blends in with your teeth and your long day suddenly becomes worth it. Bintang is just sour and you just want to drink as many as you could (a.k.a five litres) to forget your problems.

Image taken from Tumblr.

She’s wasting the beer.

Now, Stella, you want to devour it slowly. You want to taste every single drip. When you sip it, the bubbles dribble for a split second in your throat.

See, I realized that Stella has become a luxury. And it tastes even better after that. Getting what you want is always better than what you need, at least for a moment. When you realize what you want is not what you need is a different story.

The less you get it, the more appreciative you become. So, when I drink my Stella, I’ll smile, but please be silent for a moment, while melancholia draws me in, as your voice might ruin it.

Note: This post was originally written and published on Thursday, July 1, 2014.
The featured image above (the title) is from Washington Life.

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